Sunday, August 29, 2010

Swap for Good- Hold your own clothing swap!

Alright, this post is inspired by my week-long No Impact Challenge, but I thought it would be great to share all of this information with you!
After doing my research with No-Impact Man, Colin, (not literally, but with his handy-dandy No Impact Challenge Manual), I ran across this fantastic idea- a Swap for Good to benefit victims of domestic abuse. Not only do participants go home with new (used) clothing, but the clothing that does not find a home eventually does, in a shelter of your choice.

The idea is to invite your friends to go through their closets and bring all of the clothing they would like to get rid of. Then, you can either have a free-for-all, or hold an "auction" where you hold up a piece of clothing and whoever wants it can shout for it! Super fun, free entertainment. If two friends can't seem to agree who receives the clothing, then have a "walk-off" to see who "wears" it better. All positive comments, please!

I have done this as a college student with all of my dance major friends. I have so many awesome pieces that I have received, and I love it when I see a friend wearing a pair of my pants!

Please check out my own blog,, for more information about the No Impact Challenge. Although it started today, it's still not too late! It's worth it just to read through the manual that you receive for signing up to get great tips and reminders on how to lessen your impact on our Mother Earth.

That's all, folks!