Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We're Growing!

While the Fashion:Remix Team has been enjoying steady organic growth among Etsy sellers interested in banding together with other members who refashion clothes and create recycled accessories, we've recently seen extraordinary growth due to our recent mention in the Etsy Teams newsletter. We've ballooned to 69 team member shops! This really allows some great diversity by location and a wealth of skills that will allow all of us the opportunity to learn and grow with the team. You can follow us by clicking on the link to our page on Etsy, but to help keep us all organized according to category I've added a new page. Check out the "Meet the Team" page on our blog where each seller is listed by product category and location so now you can view sellers by item or shop local too! So, come say hello and browse among the member shops and keep an eye out for future updates on the team.

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