Friday, April 2, 2010

Threadbanger Tutorial: Make a Halter Dress from Old Tshirts

If you don't know about Threadbanger, but you are interested in joining the DIY scene or are just looking for a great way to "green" up your life then check out their website for great tutorials on refashioning clothes and recycling. It's free, fresh and fun. For those of you who are interested in a great tutorial for making a hip halter dress out of old-tshirts read on!

Threadbanger had a great episode this week titled, "Halter T-Dress How-to". This t-shirt refashion is an excellent way to turn some over-sized concert tees into a rockin' dress or bathing suit cover-up. It's soft, stretchy, lightweight and comfortable; everything you need and want in casual summer clothes.


  1. I love threadbanger! they are way cool and very practical. :)

  2. SUPER cute dress. I've been to this site before, but will definitely be back.