Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Won! The Etsy Fashion:Remix Street Team is Awarded a Grant for April, 2010

Although recently formed, our team is continuing to grow in numbers. The Fashion:Remix Team now boasts 12 Etsy stores who focus on fashion-forward design featuring recycled materials. Be sure to check out our page and learn about each of our team members and take a look at what they have to offer. Our team represents a diverse offering of clothing and accessories and we have members from Baltimore, Maryland and North to Toronto, Canada and all the way west to Seattle, Washington! We held our first team meeting in the Etsy Virtual Labs and gave each member the opportunity to share why they chose to become crafters, designers, and ultimately sellers. We also discussed how each of us can contribute to the success of our team's goal of promoting refashioned clothing and accessories globally.

Now, onto the news I am most pleased to announce...drum roll please...our team was awarded an Etsy Team Grant for April! (Hooray!) I know that each of us is excited and busy planning how best to use our newly offered funds to generate lots of excitement and the opportunity to share our craft with others. This grant will afford us the chance to work together as a team to provide some really creative promotions for the handmade, refashioned movement. Look for our future updates on how we plan to use our grant and our resulting success.

If you have suggestions on how to spend our Etsy Team Grant, or if you have experience with promoting your Etsy Teams , please share your success with us in the comments below.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A New Street Team is Born!

In 2009 I began crafting refashioned clothing and accessories and offered my handmade creations for sale on, a well-known website devoted to the purchase and sale of handmade products. Etsy offers many great opportunities for the global crafting community to learn from each other and callaborate within the Etsy community. I began searching for a team to join so that I could learn new techniques and tips and work collectively to promote the sale of clothing and accessories crafted from previously loved clothing. I did join several groups with similar goals, but ultimately chose to create my own team to ensure that the core concept of recycling materials to create environmentally-friendly fashion and The Fashion:Remix Team was born. New members have been joining weekly and I am thrilled with the possible growth and opportunity, but even more the fellowship that I share with my fellow team members. This blog will be the home to our ideas and creations, that will celebrate the handmade, recycled fashion we create.